Athletic Letter Jacket

Athletic Letter Jackets

Earning an athletic letter jacket at Brattleboro Union High School is a proud testament to a student-athlete's dedication and success. Learn why letter jackets matter, how to earn one, and the process for ordering your custom jacket. Celebrate your achievements and school spirit with a BUHS letter jacket!

Celebrate Your Achievements with BUHS Athletic Letter Jackets

Earning a letter jacket is a significant milestone for any student-athlete. It symbolizes dedication, hard work, and excellence in athletics at Brattleboro Union High School. These jackets are more than just a piece of clothing; they are a proud testament to the commitment and achievements of our student-athletes.

Why Athletic Letter Jackets Matter

1. A Symbol of Achievement: Letter jackets represent students’ accomplishments in their chosen sports. Each patch and letter sewn onto the jacket tells a story of perseverance, teamwork, and success.

2. Building School Spirit: Wearing a letter jacket fosters a sense of pride and unity among students. It encourages school spirit and strengthens the community bond, inspiring younger students to strive for similar achievements.

3. Recognition of Hard Work: Earning a letter jacket involves countless hours of practice, dedication, and overcoming challenges. These jackets serve as a visible acknowledgment of the hard work and determination of our student-athletes.

4. Lifelong Memories: For many, letter jackets become cherished keepsakes that evoke fond memories of their high school sports experiences. They are a lasting reminder of the friendships, victories, and personal growth achieved during their time at BUHS.

Athletic Letter Jacket

How to Earn Your Letter Jacket

At Brattleboro Union High School, student-athletes can earn their letter jackets through consistent participation, exemplary performance, and demonstrating excellent sportsmanship in their respective sports.

The following criteria will be followed in awarding the athletic letter jackets: The Booster Club will award one (1) jacket per athlete, provided the student meets the criteria.

  1. The student must be a junior or a senior on a varsity team.
  2. The student must have played the same sport for two years. 
    • *Exception: If you are a senior making a fall varsity sport for the first time and have played the same sport for two years, you are eligible for a jacket.
  3. A two-week order period will be held during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. If your application is not received by the deadline, your jacket won’t be ordered until the next season’s order is placed. If there aren’t enough jackets to place an order, those jackets will be placed with the following season’s order.
  4. NEW: Boosters will provide a coupon code for 50% off the jacket you want (the coupon is valid for one jacket only). Please obtain your coupon code before ordering! To receive your 50% off code and check your eligibility, please contact
  5. Larger sizes require an additional charge to cover the increased costs. Sizes 2XL and 3XL will have an additional charge of $10.00.  
  6. If you meet the requirements and are experiencing financial hardship, please speak to a member of the Booster Club or email us at
  7. Note: These are not for friends/family; only for eligible student-athletes.
    • If you want to add more than one sport to a jacket, you’ll need to choose the Colonels logo for the back. We can then add up to two sports names on the back.
    • If you want more than one jacket, you will be responsible for paying the full price for any additional jackets purchased.
    • If you are not yet eligible for another sport but want two sports on your jacket, you can use Pure Green Tees to add the sport once you meet eligibility.

Order Your Jacket

Once you have earned your letter jacket, you can order it through our approved vendors. Our athletic department will provide you with the necessary details and options for customizing your jacket to reflect your achievements.

To start the ordering process, contact the BUHS Booster Club.

Celebrate your hard work and dedication by proudly wearing your BUHS athletic letter jacket!

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